Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neutral vs. Colorful Eye Makeup

Generally I wear the same makeup each day, my neutral eye with Clinique's Naked Lunch as a highlight and the brown color of Clinique's Strawberry Fudge duo all over my lid. See, because I have like no crease. I do. When I open my eyes, I have a crease. Then I close them and it seems to disappear. It's really weird generally I just stick with those two colors...both of them, like I said, neutrals - Naked Lunch a sand color, and the brown one a chocolate-y color...with brownn eyeliner and black mascara. My everyday eye look is super simple. And by everyday, I mean, every day. I don't tend to change my eye look throughout the week, sometimes I'll add a little bit of purple on the inner half of my lid and blend it....but generally I don't. I don't think that on me, colorful eyeshadows are very flattering. I like the bronze look,, a pretty bronze eye with girly pink lips. Colored eyeshadows, I just do not like them whatsoever, maybge it's because I haven't really tried a decent color eyeshadow, I've tried Ulta, which I absolutely hate the quality of. Maybe if I try a MAC I'd like it better? Color shadows don't appeal to me that much at all. But I LOVE neutral bronze eyes. Like I said, pretty pink lips! That's it.

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