Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wearing White After Labor Day... The DOs and DON'Ts

Hi everyone, lately, there has been a lot of talk on Yahoo and on fashion blogs on wearing white after Labor Day and whether you're "supposed to" and how to wear white and what colors to wear with white after Labor Day and so forth. Hopefully this blog post will help you if you're trying to decided what to do! Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is with the whole no white after LD thing. White is a color, like any other color. Yes, white may have a summery feel to it, but I don't see what's wrong, not wearing it afterward. And as I just mentioned, white is commenly known as more of a summer color when it comes to clothing. Well, technically, summer does not end until September 21st on the Autumnal Equinox. Not that that really matters...unless you wanted to get technical. But generally, I would say, where what you want! What do other people care? Girls at my school wear white after LD all the time! So a defnite do: Wear what you want. If you want to where white there's no one stopping you! However, I do not reccomend wearing white excessively as you might wear denim. If you really want to go ahead, I'm not saying you can't. Personally, that's what I go by as far as bottoms go, like shorts, jeans, capris/crops, etc. But for tops, I really don't pay attention, I wear white tops all the time, I don't, like I said, I don't pay attention when it comes to white tops. I actually think that white is most people's most flattering color. Especially when worn o top. White bottoms, however, are a different story with me. Maybe, every now and then I will wear white on the bottom, but usually no, because really, the only white bottoms I own are a pair of really short shorts. So generally I avoid those in the winter months, lol. But basically, that's it. I really don't know who started this strange fashion "rule" - don't feel you have to always follow these fashion "rules" - I don't see the point of them! Wear what you want! So if you want to wear white after Labor Day, I do, my friends all do, so by al means go ahead :)

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