Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School: Fun Pencils/Pens

Hi everyone. So last year, I did a school supply video showing you all of the school supplies I had bought. Well, I got a lot of comments on my channel and on that video talking about one of the pencils I had mentioned and loved I also got some on this other video that I mentioned them in. I've recently been watching other YouTube videos talking about back to school supplies and organization, and apparently, these pencils are quite popular. Personally, these are my favorites, these are the only pencils I'll use, with the exception of a regular #2 pencil on things like Scantron and tests like that. But if I have to use pencil, for example, I know sometimes you're required to use pencil in math. Last year pencil wasn't required but the year before that it was, and this was the pencil I used. This pencil is absolutely amazing. I bought a two pack of these in the beginning of the year. I used these pencils a lot, and with the purchase of one lead refill thing, as it already comes with one, these pencils lasted me the entire year. They are very strong, sturdy, and definitely long lasting pencils, that come in fun colors and are easy to use. They feature a fun jumbo twist up eraser, which actually lasted me for the whole year last year. If you do a ton of erasing it may not, but for me it did and always has as I don't do a lot of erasing, and I did use pen about 40% of the time. This has a very comfortable grip as long as a button in an easy to reach location on the pencil that pushes more of the lead out. This requires 0.7mm lead and like I said, very pretty colors, super long lasting, different from other mechanical pencils, the main reasons I really like this one.These would be the Papermate ClearPoints, and they are a bit more expensive, but considering that they lasted me all year, I definitely think these are worth the price!!! Another thing would be pens, and the pens I use, I have to have five different colors. I have seven perids throughout a school day, lunch and study, a related arts class, nd five core classes, and for those I like to have a different colored pen for each. I really like the Papermate Gel Pens. They are $5 for a pack of five at Target in all different colors. they write extremely smoothly and the ink dries relatively fast compared to other gel pens I have tried, which is great if you're looking for a gel pen that won't smudge. This comes in two different packs - the one I got had light blue, purple, pink, green, and orange. I really do think that not oly do colors make the paper you're writing or studying more interesting to lookit, but they also help me to stay organized. Also, these pens are pretty good if you want something that won't bleed through your paper. Check out for more information on them! I also like to keep a Sharpie in my bag at all times. this year I actually have a metallic ine but any darker color will work. Ise this to label things - the sides of my binders, book covers, etc! I absolutely love shopping for school supplies and things like this - it's very fun! thanks for reading this, I hope you'll try out these amazing writing utensils. If you've tried anything, leave a comment below, or you could leave a comment if you have any additional reccomendations. xoxo(:

A black papermate gel pen(:

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